hungry for fashion: the room may still be a bit too small

hungarian model eniko mihalik

fashion is a tough one. it’s a bit like ballet, its better not done at all than done some-what ok. the room magazine is a fashion pub issued in hungry… now budapest is not exactly what you think of when you think of fashion, but i bet you there are few aspiring and driven people there who not only care about fashion but more than that are looking to do something different. that’s not bad. the problem is when what you do inherently looks like all others. as hard as it may be its best to go your own way to avoid comparisons, cause you’ll lose without the resources and readily available talent in major cities. the eniko cover and inner spreads by marton perlaki are quite nice… the inside is sporadically interesting but nothing new. its a start from a place that’s given us models and a great affordable playground to shoot and produce in. the room magazine website. by xy