male hercules beetle: tropical rain forests of peru

trying to conquer my phobia with bugs, today i purchased a dried out specimen of this giant beetle enclosed in a glass frame. the hercules beetle, which was features in pixars “a bugs life”, is found in the rain forest and is the largest specimen of the rhinoceros beetle family. although harmless to humans (does not bite or sting) it can fly and crash land on you!!! and the males can reach an impressive 6.75 inches in length, making them rather threatening to a city dweller. they are aptly named hercules (the bulky son of zeus), due to their strength allowing them to lift 850 times their own body weight. this makes them, proportionately, the most powerful animal in the world. if man could lift 850 times his weight, one could lift  136,000 lbs, that’s roughly 68 tons! the horns are generally used in battling other males, picking them up and smashing them to the ground often breaking off the head. they eat rotten trees and fruit, and live as adults for no more than 3-4 months. beautiful illustration by somefield and below the real mccoy. by dd

the dynastes hercules at evolution framed double glass $498