Nobuyoshi Araki: gaga polaroids

aaaah how i cant stand this girl, i ran into her oneday at the milk studios in LA while shooting another one of my ‘favorite’ girls (wont mention names now). i stepped out to grab some air and inhale some smoke and out came gaga out of her obnoxious SUV – engin running and all. she was shooting a story for vanity fair (hello graydon? i know… you too have to sell mags) it was with nick knight in the next studio and i thought if the studio blew up now the world could be a better place… well maybe if only nick would get out clean. for one it would get rid of me not to mention the two debutant gals. in any case this girl is worse than madona in my book, in her savvy and blatant theft of creativity. even araki is not off limits apparently. i must admit though, its the best way i wish to see gaga. all tied up with a fag  stuffed in her chords… i just cant stand another song with such uninspired garbage lyrics as “i’m too fabulous i’m so, fierce that it’s so nuts i live” packaged with a completely unrelated video done by the cream-of-the-crop of the industry who is so desperate for the cash and the glamor that pop brings. oh puke! bring back the pistols at least they were entertaining for a minute or two! by dd