the $28,000,000 “x-rated teen” t-shirt from Urban Outfitters?

did i miss something? x rated?

model hailey clauson

LA photographer jason lee perry’s images were sold supposedly without the models “consent on the usage” (bad! bad! bad!) countering a lawsuit by the models parents. what happened was, that this was an early test-shoot when model hailey clauson was 15 years old (or rather under 16 like 99.9 % of all models now). she has since become quite a success shooting for gucci and the like. now, sounds like haley’s luxury career didnt quite jive with the cheap t’s sold at corner stores. agent try’s to resolve to no avail. opportunity knocks when “child modeling” becomes topical issue on american TV broadcasted to a “puritan society”, calling the image on this t (in the lawsuit), an “x-rated images of our daughter”!!… (bad! bad! bad people) someone help tell these good parents that modeling isn’t exactly a convent school, maybe you should not be shopping your poor 9 year old daughter around and taking her out of school to sell someones rags! or maybe we should hold parents mental IQ responsible for not attending these shoots? its like “mom. meet olivier zahn, really swell guy” or “dad this is terry richardson, doesnt he look funny?”…. god!!!! do we not take any responsibility? now they want to get paid too for being retarded parents? aaaaargh…. jr, when was jesus coming again? by dd