Britpop to the rescue: blur’s boys and girls

lately no matter where i go, and mind you i don’t go to too many places, i hear the same tracks from the attics of 90’s britpop. this song was in my head from last night’s shindig, and i have to admit i dug it up just for giggles. but let me tell you, guilt does set in, so now, the real point of this… when i was young, old folks would go to lame places and listened to their lame childhood tunes to feel “young and nostalgic”.  herds of amateur violinists would work day and night to replay those very tunes in every freakin’ elevator. well, we barfed at that nostalgia. where i was growing up there was no turning back. now what is it with our complacent lazy bum generation that has made regurgitating herbivores the trend to fend? do we not have anything new to give? well i suppose not, cause when we try, we come up with some self-help crap like: born this way… maybe it’s best we stick to blur for now and just carry on with the aging process… by dd