lanvin dance video: fall winter 2011

hmmmm…lanvin dance contest… i’m sure it will work and do very well given the audience, even though they may not be the actual clientele of lanvin.  i saw this, over the weekend when a friend was bragging how great it was. i’m not 100% convinced, but i do like the fact that it breaks with stogy world of fashion and brings some lightness and fun into fashion. now while albaz is a cooky, fun fellow, the brand isn’t.  H&M pulled it off well on the lanvin, lagerfeld, and viktor & rolf spots, i think this video which is a complete reference to burning rocks (fassbinders script) which we had posted ages ago.  it’s not executed as well as it could have been, and places the lanvin house line quite close to the H&M lanvin line, and that is not very brilliant. by dd