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girl and gun… film still from l’éden et aprés

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a little background on robbe grillet who wrote the script for the film last year at marienbad directed by alain renais (another gem worth watching). he was a french writer and director who was originally trained as an agricultural engineer. during the years 1943 and 1944, robbe grillet participated in compulsory labor in nuremberg, where he worked as a machinist. in his words he found it to be a vacation as it allowed him time to think and write. his first novel, the erasers, was published in 1953 and aftre just 4 novels he worked with renais on the notable marienbad film. after which he went to direct many films most of them lost to the archives with only a few remaining and available negatives on the market. if you find a book or a film get it as it will only gain value. i found an amazing book in a used store on his films which i will one day photograph and post. by dd