paper wars: whatever happened to them?

the original Ak47 in paper

the modified Ak-47 by hiroko shiratori

the mills bomb (“pineapple” grenade), initially conceptualized in 1915 by golf club designer william mills, and here in paper.

these are still cool and relevant. the whole idea of “paper” and “war” is already great to start with, but the immaculate, detailed pieces delivered on the words. “paper wars” was an exhibition of paper reproductions of classic weapons, that was shown at the craze gallery in london in 2008. the group show represented a selection of international artists/ designers, like designer ben wilson, product dsigner el ultimo grito, designer pixelgarten, object guru hiroko shiratori and the like who took the idea of cut n’ paste to a new level. since then the group has disbanded and no news has been heard short of their ongoing individual works. a shame as this would be a relevant show today! although not to worry, more wars are sure to come, and unfortunately unrelated to paper! by dd