Spank Rock: Energy live at the paris social club

the drum beat on this track is awesome. i have it in one of my mixes and i cant seem to find it now but i could swear it was without vocals or at least quite different. so i don’t know if hes sampling this or if this is from scratch. if you know let me know. i don’t know whats up with the heads and tails of the clip here, could have done without it, but skip that to the interior of the club and the music. quite red hot, paris social club. video by bryce ward.

I’m back… couldn’t let is go… just checked…. no wonder this is the base track from the can’s vitamin c. now, how does this guy even know who the can is? the dj must be german, if not its all nicholas jaars fault for pulling this stuff out again for the public. fuckin brilliant. I knew that track couldn’t be from this lame era we live in. regurgitation pays off it sounds great regardless.
by dd