dumbing-down a nation: when did being stupid become cool?

albert einstein in one of his lectures
now that’s really stupid!

albert einstein at the first of solvay confrences in 1911

albert einstein with hopi indians

albert einstein and charlie chaplin at the premier of limelight

ever playful albert einstein and his bicycle

architect le corbusier and albert einstein: a conversation on cool

the sarcasm i’m afraid is very much lost. sooo funny, i’m not laughing. these “stupid” ads were made by a bunch of frat-boys at new york agency, anomoly, who by the way should be fined for public larceny


i was at the airport the other day and was skimming through a pile of uninspiring shit mags at hudson news to kill some time when i saw a “special issue of time magazine on albert einstein“. flipping through its B&W pics and seeing little einstein’s life growing up in italy and switzerland, prague, and eventually the u.s. (pasadena of all places) i thought… now here’s a really cool dude. if only i could have been his piss boy when he was around. then i thought, i can’t really remember at what point did becoming stupid sound like a good idea? and to whom exactly? was it when we cut down funds on education or when we started being fed ben stiller, adam sandler, renee zellweger, and jessica parker as role models? or was it when we dissed kerry because he was “too much of an intellectual”? or was it the arugula’s fault? i mean who wants a smart guy when you can get a silly b-actor to push around? i can’t really blame a bunch of frat boys at diesel jeans for all this either, as stupid was well around before them, and besides stupid probably sells… to a lot of stupid people. we can’t be proud of that now can we?


on the other hand a small company out in california thought being intelligent was cool too, and they did make a few buck on that sector of the market. now that, we can be proud of. its by far one of the best campaigns and on every level. no other brand can say “think different” and back it like apple. so i guess there’s a place for all of us after all.. o.k. so back to fashion : )  by dd