for Scott Olsen: oakland or new york, 99% or 54%, either way somethings gotta change

fractured skull: “the irony is not lost on anyone here that scott olsen is a marine who survived two tours in iraq and is now seriously injured by the oakland police force and in critical condition…” what madness, and what misinformation: reverse robin hood – steal from the poor to give to the rich, some facts:


the misleading quote that “47% of americans pay zero or negative federal income tax” is inaccurate. the number 47%  (or 50% if you ask one of the richest men, donald trump) relates to “single filers” and to the one recession year of 2009. not to all americans all the time. if you want to quote an accurate number then it is on average 14% and those are who make below poverty. most americans pay taxes excluding the super rich. read more


25 years ago 12% of americans took in 33% of the nations income, today just 1% of americans take in 40% of the nations income (VF). income for the top 1% (wealthiest americans)  increased by 275%, while  income for the bottom 20% increased by only 18%. by xy