goodbye genius: steve jobs dead

the original apple logo… phew, we sure dodged that bullet!


we need more people like this please. farewell to the man who thought different and did something about it. the son of a syrian muslim father (a professor) and an american mother (a pathologist) he was an unwanted child. set for adoption, and raised by paul and clara jobs in california, steve surely made up for his childhood set backs by becoming the most wanted man. he went on to build perhaps the one company that its products and software sold themselves with one leap innovation to the next. he created the company that made us ask “why doesn’t everything work the way this does?”


despite the efforts to insure us all that apple is bigger than one man, unfortunately it will never be. in 1985, after apple’s board-of-directors fired jobs from the company he had built from his garage into a 2 billion dollar business, apple lost its way, despite the presence of co founder and friend steve wozniak and the newly appointed hack of a ceo john sculley, from pepsi (sorry! steve may have forgiven you but we haven’t), and apple nearly disappeared from the face of this earth by talking about processor speeds and chips inside their grey boxes not to mention sculley’s brilliant , the apple newton, a total bomb, which i have an original model of. now without steve, there’s no saying where its future will rest. with apple stocks overvalued by 10 folds, banking not on apple but on steve jobs and his vision, they have a heavy legacy to stand up to, and  the announcement of the 4GS isn’t quite gonna do that. at the end, brands are nothing without the people behind them, despite what corporations, and businesses would like us to believe, and jobs will truly be an irreplaceable citizen of this earth. thank you steve, but also paul and clara, and dog bless. by dd