Herb and Dorothy: a great film about art and a mailman with an incredible collection

saw this documentary last night and it was quite incredible and uplifting. the story is about the famous couple herb (a postal worker) and dorothy (librarian), better known as the vogels, who amassed an incredible art collection worth billions on their measly salaries living in a stuffed rent-controlled apt in nyc. their collection included works by richard tuttle, dan graham, donald judd, sol lewitt, christo & jeanne claude, roy lichtenstein, david salle, cindy sherman, chuck close, jeff koons and many others. living a completely modest life with their cat in the same apt, they refused to sell any of their works or donate them to the numerous museums that offered to house them… until one day, they donated the entire collection to the national gallery of the arts. they accepted this for two reasons, 1- because it was a national gallery and not a private one, and 2- because it was and is free for the public. they asked for nothing in return. now i like to know who in the world would do such a thing unless you are a selfless angel from another planet.  nice to see there are people in this world that still consider wealth to be irrelevant. by dd