Indianapolis: klipsch speakers since 1946

beautiful horn heritage speakers reissued by klipsh. the hand-built and horn loaded american made speakers are back. originally dating back  to 1946, the new heritage range comes in four levels. the top one, klipchorn, is a fully horn-loaded, full range, three-way speaker system. it weighs 80 kg and stands 1.28 meters high. the 1-inch tweeter and 2-inch midrange driver alongside a 15-inch fiber- composite woofer give a sensitivity of 105 dB. $9,500 a pair. the second down, is named la scalla II (another one of those silly names). $5,450 a pair. the third one is the three-way cornwall III speaker that boasts a sensitivity to match the fully horn-loaded cabinets.  $2,700 a pair. The 4th and cheapest model is the heresy III that comes equipped with a powerful woofer, bi-wire network, diaphragm tweeter, midrange drivers and a removable slant riser. $1,350 a pair. by dd