lamhorn 1.8: canadian audiophile speakers

i only gazed at the lamhorns at a friends pad and read about them but conceptually i fell in love with them. although i have yet to hear them, the principle of a single driver embedded with another seemed pure in theory. i can’t wait to have a listen once they are set up in the months ahead. the bass that is usually created by another driver is channeled through the lamhorns humungous trumpet like enclosure eliminating the need for yet more circuitry. although huge the lamhorns can be driven by a small 4 watt (yes that is four not 40) amplifier making it an extremely efficient speaker. designed by robert lamarre in canada, the lamhorn speakers are among a category of speakers that are special in technology, efficiency and innovation. now if only someone could save the audio industry from its bleached wood demise and offer us a more intriguing finish we’ll be extremely happy. $9,500 canadian dollars a pair or 9,351 USD made individually to order. (with special thanx to joakim and shadi for this introduction.  by uh