steve just left and apple already sucks

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i went to purchase a few songs on itunes and i got this? so much for all the praise for apple. can some one please explain what the hell does this sentence mean? if you had written this in 8th grade you would have failed your paper. its not even a sentence.


i quote: “notification of an additional type of previously-purchased content may be subsequently downloaded to certain computers and devices as an accommodation to you. subject to existing association rules; and that content may be played back on certain devices that are not subject to existing association rules, with limitations.”


it is clearly written in a way to confuse the hell out of the user. its absolute nonsense. are they changing the rules so “your previous purchases can no longer be played on multiple devices?” i cant make sense of it! i cancelled my planned purchase of the songs till further notice, and i’m a little pissed. and i’m not alone… here is another user and his question on apple support: “The new terms and conditions for the iTunes Store say that each device can only be associated with a single account, and you can only switch them once every 90 days. I have accounts in different countries because I’ve lived in different places. How is this going to affect me? Am I going to lose access to half of my apps?” by dd