talk about how our tax money is being spent heres an info graphics to amuse you

source true majority

of course i would have been more interested about the iraq war costs but that ship has sailed and the attention spans are short. afghanistan was one war out of all the recent wars that was some what justified. but its the same story. the irony of all this is that little number on the bottom: civilian deaths due to the afghan war 14,000 that’s innocent men, women & children, just imagine your own family. now it makes me laugh when i hear that we went to this new war in libya “due to mounting civilian death at the hand of the regime” there. of course now “mums the word” and there’s no mention of the 1,000+ casualties thank’s to our french and british made tornado’s and our friendly new neighbor the NTC.  next on the list is syria. why, we can’t just stand by and watch assad kill 100s of people when we can kill 1,000’s and feed our military business machine with our tax money. who really runs this show? cause its getting really fucking boring. by dd