the quiet paradise: 50-acres of private estate owned by an italian duchess’ welcomes you as one of the small luxury hotels of the world

each bath room is fitted with a private plunge pool, outside the oversized sqaure window (to the left) overseeing the tree tops

an amazing spa at the hotel uses ancient mayan herbs grown on premise to create every product used not to mention the herbal tea served at the spa.

home away from home: magical ivory boxes and old furniture fill the room for a visual feast

at 2pm complimentary tea and fresh made cookies are served

the best food on earth. mexico has become my culinary indulgence. amazing locally grown vegetables and habanero spiced ceviche are to die for

i’m still dreaming of going back to the esencia, a private small seaside property with only 29 rooms, that is like a second home, fully staffed with spa and immaculate service. located in the premium white sandy-beach of xpu-ha, the estate is lusciously manicured with quiet gardens and flowers. this was my second visit to this small hotel in 2 years, and although i think of it as, lets say,  quite indulgent, i believe its justified as i truly appreciated every detail in this place. from the well disguised leaf-wrapped electrical wires to the discrete and invisible service. from the tile works to the quiet and isolated sparse rooms, from the objects scattered about to the amazing food that is made-to-order. this was no luxury hotel, but a private experience for 2. supporting the local efforts we solely drank mexican wine and although there is room for growth i was amazed at how refined this unknown region of wine was to my taste. i love the people in mexico and the history of this amazing region. my head is bowed. i found time to indulge in drawing local birds, and reading about the mayans and the aztecs in between spa treatments and drinks by the pool. i pondered my luck, and was grateful that i could even be here and afford such luxury that must bring a level of guilt to my social beliefs. i thought to myself, everyone should have a chance at this… but then again not everyone may appreciate this? my equals would have indulged in a car or an object, but seldom on an experience. so perhaps this place is best left untouched and empty. for what i received from this place, it was indeed a bargain of a lifetime. room rates range between $700 and $2,000. small luxury hotels of the world. by uh