well it wasn’t such a happy weekend in new york after all

fox news “fair and balanced” take on the demonstrators, as usual “its just a bunch of dumb uneducated punks on the streets” riiight! this represents the 99% of americans who don’t make a million a year. nice job “fair and balanced”. but that said i’m impressed with o’reily’s ability to insult as many people as possible and sound as ignorant as he does in just under 5 minutes with out it ever phasing him for a moment.

sorry we had agreed not to talk shop on TS. but keeping silent in this time is a crime. over 700 people arrested just on saturday while we sat and talked about… oh i don’t know the weather. personally i don’t see why there needs to be a protest at all. what is this republican argument against the idea to pass a law that insures that the rich (those making over a million a year) will pay at least the same percentage of tax as the rest of us? not more. not less. what is the rationale behind this? in most developed countries the rich pay higher taxes, in the US the rich pay no taxes. seemed like it all worked until the country went broke, and then the rest of the world. does the u.s. government really need our help to pass this clearly logical law? are these people so blatantly corrupt that they can stand up and say no to such a tax law? well, with fox news bending over for the rich its clear to see why there isn’t more people on the streets. I wonder what o’reily gets to be this much of an ass? or is he really just a naive servant that he appears to be? by dd