white noise: tyler hays bbdw speakers

our friend tyler hays, at bddw, has done his handiwork on a pair of speakers made of white american holly. now, while scott is a sensitive and detailed guy there is no saying how much of an audio expert he is. we’ve all seen his turntables made of stone, yes, but speaker design and research takes years and requires intricate attention to drivers and cross overs, the inner cavity of the unit, resonance, and not to mention a knack for mid-range. so while the speakers are gorgeous, how they sound will be a whole ‘nother story. given the $7,500 price tag, and the amazing sounding speakers that are out there in that range, i would think the buyers will be more of an aesthetic driven bunch than a musical bunch. i’m making a note to check them out but i simply can not imagine nirvana. that said bravo to the look of the piece. simple and pure. by uh