history of hip hop: tougher than leather, run dmc

add that to the greats. i was never a hip hop fan and i’m still not. hip hop to me, lacked everything i loved about reggae and embodied everything i hated about pop. hip hop started in bronx when jamaican transplants brought their block parties with them to bronx. they played their 45’s and toasted over them. the kids picked that up and rap, hip hop were born. it was a form of music that required nothing but a turntable and a mic. unfortunately the consumerism of the american culture lacked the socio-political debth and street savvy of kingston and the ethereal rasta culture. so it didn’t take long before its demise, instead of social issues and a humble side of love the music became about hoes, stupid pride and money. when it was about politics it was for no more than a moment. we will spare run dmc in this categorical dis and leave the rest to suburban kids and their baggie pants from gap. by xy