The Lake and Stars: calling all mother teresas

a painting rendition of the actual adverts by dutch painter nop briex

by now you may have heard of the the lake and stars (designers of world famous lingerie line, no one has ever heard of until now) and their nordic mother and daughter campaign with india menuez (daughter) and johanna methusalemsdottir (mom) that sparked an outrage in in press and on TV calling it everything from incest to outright disgusting. well as usual we’re not sure what all the hoopla is about other than an affirmation that a lot of dirty minds and a lot of hypocrites still run the airways. if you ask me there is more incest going on between wall street and the congress than there is in here… and lets not talk about what is really disgusting these days… such as civil liberties being pummeled while we all sit around… i mean where do these people come from to act all righteous? and about what? i personally don’t find this campaign that great but it doesn’t bother me either. if i want to be bothered by anything there’s plenty more to go around. if i really had to give this campaign a thought i would say that its more about age and being comfortable about your body in an time were age is made to be so important than anything else. besides the nordics clearly have a better way of handling their families and sexuality than we do so lets settle down here. there is less unwanted child births there than here, there is less STD there than here, no children appear to taking machine guns to school, and can’t recall the last news about an icelandic mom putting her dead child in the fridge in order to continue collecting child care, so maybe we should shut up and take care of the real problems before we act all righteous about such petty things. by dd