gainsbourg nostalgia

for all of you serge suckers, liberation is re-releasing the special issue they printed after he died which features the famous interview of him where he was asked to answer as if he was already dead… witty. here by pp.

serge gainsbourg repettos

awesome peach box… but how is this any different from the one i have? pp told me at some point that serge is pictured on the bottom of the shoe (sole) i cant imagine that looking that great, it could look even a bit cheesy… by dd

how to resurface your old stiga + yasaka ping pong paddles

after purchasing our beautifully designed ping pong table, i had to dig up my childhood stiga paddle. a collectors (now i am told) kjell johansson stiga/yasaka rubber defensive wood made in sweden (where all the best paddles, even japanese brands, are made). the original yasaka rubber was discolored and cracking, so i had to purchase the 2 pieces of yasaka rubber (each approximately $48) and got to work. my paddle had two red sides and i was told there has been a rule passed since my time that requires ‘real players’ to have paddles with different color sides to avoid the cheating technique of lowering your paddle below the table and switching sides so the opponent wont be able to tell what surface you are using on your serve. they call it the ‘big boy rule’… i guess i learned something today. my newly restored paddle will have a black and red side. i removed the old rubber using some acetone combined with some heavy lifting. i then had to sand the paddle wood with 400 sandpaper to recreate a smooth and even surface. there are fancy glues sold out there, but i was told they are simply rubber cement packaged and marked up, and can be purchased for a fraction at any hardware store. i will post the restored image when done… by uh

barney’s goes gaga

pretty cheap looking considering gaga and barneys, i mean the only thing missing on that tacky shiny ribbon are the words “grand opening” or  ” lost our lease.” or maybe, now hiring a new creative director? sorry had to say that. where is simon doonan? by dd

a little beauty – by Georgia Varidakis

i thought i’d share these delicate yet raw pieces i finally got yesterday from georgia varidakis, who designs and makes custom pieces out of her boutique in williamsburg, brooklyn. it’s very difficult to find jewelry that is feminine but not prissy, so i was very happy to discover her talent at creating my balance.  by kl