top 10+ gifts of 2012: our gift to you, great gift ideas for the holidays – ver 1.0

if you are anything like us, this time of the year you have your work cut out for you. all your life you surrounded yourself with too-cool-for-school infants who seemed to not care for anything… you all bitched and moaned at everything in sight, nothing was ever worth its weight, now its time to get those kids a present… oooh and they’re gonna fry you with or without our help.

match double old fashioned scotch whiskey glasses in crystal

and pewter, from collier west $70 – dd

mini record player in a box by crosley at in god we trust for $120 dd may have a heart attack seeing this cheap audio thrill but it has its merits – m+m

 smart phone touch screen compatible gloves from  muji only $24.95 i need a dozen! – jr

beautiful sounding CGS102A half scale acoustic classical guitar, small, affordable and beautifully warm by yamamha at proaudio for $190 (on sale now for $119) – kl

master scents: the le labo soy wax santal 26 candle burns for 65+ hours… thats less than a $1 an hour. sounds good, smells great. one is burning here right now. $70 – uh

perfect fire-place brown casual knitted silk tie by brioni $195 (0n sale for $136 now) – uh

brooks basic leather bicycle seat at adeline adeline for $99 – dd

ed ruscha 1st edition “make new history”

limited edition book art at vincent borrelli books $500 – dd

hand crancked espresso machine for that coffee connoisseur of yours. up to 10 bars of pressure (no pump to break down), recycled aluminium body, energy efficient. i’m sold by presso $150 – m+m

cute and effective vibrators tested by us and designed by our friend

yves behar for jimmy jane $145 – kl

silver tipped leather riding crop from kiki de montparnasse for $195. the great thing about this is that it can also be used on a horse. we have a white one already. – kv

wooden skateboard deck with leather detail by makr carry good for $70 – jr

leather hand sewn wallet by makr carry goods for $130 make you want to lick it – pp

i always wanted a swaine brigg umbrella but could never get myself to spend the $400-600 for something i was bound to loose, now this swaine adeney brigg ‘brella with chestnut handle and the very metal band bearing the royal warrant is just $150, its a different story all together. – dd

pierre hardy ipad case with monogram at the r.the.corner for $230 – dd

stone ice cubes to cool your single malt lagavulin without adding that freezer taste or diluting it with melted ice. set of 6 stone ice and 2 beautiful reverso glasses by andrew hellmanand $64 just need the ice stones? hows about $24– dd


with love from everyone at TS… well actually most of the love is from cl, dd, kl, and bh.

by ts staff