vogue has come a long way from the ladies journal of the past to the hyper-trend circulating industrialized journal of fashion today. and, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to browse the pages of every single page of every single issue?  don’t you think it would be interesting to see the evolution of the work of our favorites, or discover new favorites from the past? it might be inspiring, give us perspective, and be more than a fashion reference, but a timeline of culture as it has evolved in reaction to all the worldly evolutions and revolutions to date. yes, it would be amazing, and here it is! only catch is that this is definitely not a service for fans. the nasties know who they’re speaking to with this service and at ‘only’ $1,575 for individuals and a ‘negotiable’ amount for corporations, it looks like it can only be driftwood to the fire of more self-referential fashion. yippee. i guess i’m just jealous. as an avid magazine hoarder i can’t stand the feeling of being deprived this amazing resource, but maybe there’s a way around it… x   by kl