top 10+ gifts of 2011: our gift to you, great gift ideas for the holidays – ver 2.0

if you are anything like us, this time of the year you have your work cut out for you. all your life you surrounded yourself with too-cool-for-school infants who seemed to not care for anything… you all bitched and moaned at everything in sight, nothing was ever worth its weight, now its time to get those kids a present… oooh and they’re gonna fry you with or without our help.

“la lunette” magnifying glass from maison martin margiela for a killer $82 – cm

animal kingdom calendar by paul smith for $29 – ad

affordable entry level audiophile flat-panel planer speakers from magnapan, made in usa magnapan 1.7’s starting at $1995 – dd

dd’s favorite scotch whiskey, the lagavulin 16 year old single malt islay whiskey, plenty of smokey-ness for $65 at K&L – dd

oryoki set made from siamese rosewood: the zen monastic eating practice of oryoki is simple and precise, start with this zen student set for a really new year. $110 – bh

puma ping pong table by aruliden at conran shop $1900. don’t buy them all we have one on reserve. – xy

eye glasses are like perfume, you want one no one else has. dusan for salima optiques, theodoras (above) and ferdinand (below) frames available… nearly at no place. we got a pair from dusan directly. good luck. price around $395-420 – uh

the perfect christmas white snow globe with nothing else by maison martin margiela for $180 – cm

naughty and nice journal from DL&Co for $38 –kv

and the most genius gift idea ever from bh, “three hours of your time given to a friend, that they can use in any which way and at anytime”… available everywhere, cost $0 – bh

with love from everyone at TS… well actually most of the love is from cl, dd, kl, and bh.

by ts staff