Anders Petersen Photographs

anders peterson is an amazing photographer who studied photography under christer stromholm in sweden and has documented offbeat characters and the dark streets of europe during the late 60’s and 70’s. most of his books have been published in sweden and some in germany. finding a 1st edition would make for a great gift in case your looking for something for me. by dd


precession of the equinoxes

every once in a while it must cross your mind, this rumor about december 21st 2012 being a turning point for ‘life as we know it’. this is sparked by the sudden end to the mayan calendar, which even contemporary astronomers and science in general revere as impressive. so… what’s going to happen?  well, it has been mapped out that earth’s movement in our universe, multiverse, whatever, is called the precession of the equinoxes, which means its gravitational ecliptic around the sun fluxes, as it has a small angle on its orbital plane, through a cycle of 26000yrs (as my very basic understanding of it goes). this year, on december 21st the earth will align with the dark rift, the center of the milky way, basically the galactic equator. this is meant to effect our poles which are now moving at 40miles/yr (where only in 2005 we thought the rate of 25mi/yr was too much) and therefore climate migratory instincts. ecosystems will have to reset. but, ‘they’ also say this is a moment for human consciousness, and like your alarm clock, after the power stops even for a second, will have to be reset purposefully. let me put it this way…


“it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism” – frederic jameson


maybe the paradigm shift will be as simple as work to live or living to create rather than living to work. i’m no different,a little bit guilty of pride and ambition as well, or should i say victim to it? it’s difficult in our world, raised with praise and approvals, gauging respect via associations. i don’t think we’re weak to be in this habit, but it’s a first step to be able to step back. that hopefully soon the garbage that clutters stores and individually sanitizes our nutrition will disappear and we will actually see one another and connect rather than feel safer with our differences. can you tell i had a long week?  ooh, i know what will help! …


by kl

the world according to fabrice penot: le labo in the bazaar

was quietly editing today along with my santal 33 candle from le labo, when i came across the issue of harper’s bazaar russia. i’m amazed as to how russian language has changed since i used to speak it as a child. forget high german, i can barely understand it. that said, mr. penot’s life is a life of envy. who wouldn’t want to be around the fabulous smells and good vibes of le labo on a daily basis? they have become a little piece of nolita’s modern history by now and we can’t get enough of them… by xy

karl lagerfeld – the new mix

karl lagerfeld the new mix

karl’s back. was he ever gone? reintroducing his own line with this very cool short directed by barnaby roper and music by tristan bechet.

ps. what’s going on with the logo? is there something i’m not getting?  by kl