melancholia world, what a joke: lars von trier banned from cannes for his nazi joke

what a paranoid world we live in, you can be for war or against war, you can be a racist or against it, you can believe in god or nothing at all, you can blast a government or wave the flag, you can make fun of the pope or worship him… there are all kinds of freaks out there and unless they take actions to harm others, they are entitled to their views. now what is it that makes muslims and jews think they can gag people over jokes they don’t like? in this case, lars’s comments about being a nazi were clearly a joke. as a matter of fact, if they were real he would have kept them to himself…  he says he does not approve of the wars or the nazis, after all, the man was raised with a jewish stepfather. so while he may have related to speer’s architecture or hitler’s desperate last hours that doesn’t make him a supporter to their horrific acts, it makes him a human. this policing of the arts by a bunch of real SS-bigots at cannes is a bit sickening, especially when affecting such a genius over some silly remark. can someone please find us a planet to move to and leave all of this world’s fucked up issues behind? it’s so damn boring… by ar