plus model magazine; not too cold, not too hot, just… feel good!

hmmmm… i wonder why?


yes there’s no question about the oddity of 14 year old girls selling clothes to 40 year old women and the disparity of the reality out there, but lets not have a cup-cake party yet. first off you have to be pretty weak to be affected by all this marketing and expect a bunch of shysters to guide you through what is right and wrong. but we understand that most people are weak and need constant hand holding & reassurance. enter “plus model magazine” a pub that has found a way to sell us more shit by telling us its ok to be fat, now don’t for a minute think they actually care. we’re kindda’ sick of all this self-help marketing aimed to make people comfortable with their inability to stay off the couch and the flavored chips. the reality is that the average person today resembles a hippo more than a human body form, so lets not look at the average “man” for guidance. while being anorexic is an issue, being fat is a much bigger issue today. for the record, in the united states 44% of teenagers are overweight/obese that figure goes up to 71% for adults vs. the statistics for anorexia/bulimia which is stable at 4% of adult women and less than 0.5% of adult males**. the human form is not meant to carry blubber. so while plus size model katya zharkova seems pretty healthy and should be pleased with her body she could skip a few of those donuts here and there. i assure you her body fat is more appropriate for a polar exhibit than a fit specimen of a homo sapien, so please don’t pander her as the ideal body type, shes more of a feel-good transparent marketing tool to sell more crap and we ‘aint buyin’… whenever you have a question just look at nature, you’ll find the answer there every time. ** canadian and U.S. governments statistics. if you actually care to change the fact that the next generation of americans will have a shorter lifespan than their parents for the first time then do something about it. by dd