hermes – petit h

last time i was in paris, i saw this collection from hermes called petit h.  it is basically hermes trying to use their scraps pieces of leather or silk. some are weird and useless, and some are great, but everything is fun. by pp.

thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season

T. S. Eliot – Gerontion by poetictouch

an audio of thomas stearns eliot reading his 1920 piece gerontion. the poem represents the view of a gerontic or elderly man and his Modernist views on religion and sexuality, amongst other topics. although the line, “thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season” is a metaphor for age, I thought it would be rather fitting for this peculiar new york weather we’ve been having. plus, I cannot think of a more satisfying way to hear eliot read than by the genius himself.

by sv

gorgeous days

at least it’s a gorgeous day in new york, and even though we don’t have psychedelic, rugged nature staring us in the face, it still makes you appreciate that we get to enjoy a day like today. are we a little bit deist? at least a smidgen?  by kl