Album Covers: durutti column factory records

made of sand paper, and guaranteed to grind away the other crap albums in your record collection.


durutti column was actually one the few bands that came out of factory that was less pop driven, and is still quite listenable to today. the album covers as expected, were different. the fact 14 durutti column cover was made of sand paper, and limited to 2,000 initial copies. funny enough, the covers were hand assembled by joy division’s ian curtis.  who, at the time, needed the extra cash making for an even more special object. the design credit is generally given to peter saville and tony wilson, but apparently steve horsfall had a good thing or two to do with it. again, as all ideas go, who knows in this case whether the use of an abrasive sand paper is really the great idea for a band that was different enough to aim to grind away all your other crappy albums of the time. i personally love it and it’s one of my favorite covers of that time. by uh