Last Thursday: Adrian Brody, Greenwich Hotel Shibui Spa, Robert Deniro, Owen Wilson, Win Wenders, Pina Bausch, Woody Allen, and salvador dali

every thursday should be like last thursday. after a full on month back from the holidays, i finally took a day off to rejuvenate. i slept till 11 am (i usually do, but still), picked up my date, and went for a coffee at la colombe.  then, we walked to the greenwich hotel, which is partly owned by robert deniro. the lobby is not impressive and the neither is the hotel really; but, if you want a private, quiet and out-of-the way place in the heart of NYC then this is probably it. downstairs at the hotel is the greenwich hotel spa and indoor pool. we had a hinoki bath for 2 containing a blend of hinoki cypress, cedar, mint, sage, and minerals, in a full on japanese “imported” room with low ceilings and tatami mat. we were catered to by a true japanese masseuse with little english ability (refreshing). while in our hinoki soaked bath, we were handed amazing drinks containing mint, ginger, and lemon which were so amazing i wanted to take them home (approx $95). after turning in to mush, i headed to my massage.  a “drunken lotus” ritual as they call it (approx $200-280). by the end i was floating and could barely feel my legs. regardless, i dragged myself to BAM in brooklyn, one of the last places in NY to be showing “pina” the 3d film by win wenders on pina bausch. i was unsold on the 3d, and found it to be sensationalist and a total waste of material; but, after seeing it i was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. regardless, i still think its quite unnecessary generally speaking. on the other hand, the film was out of this world. the sequences filmed on everyday streets and outdoor spaces were truly magical, as you never see dance in such a setting (films preview). a beautiful homage and a must see film ideally in a theater. so what’s next? japanese food of course, to keep the SPA experience alive. i had a fabulous grilled salmon with skin, and plenty of sake. i finished the early night with woody allen’s “midnight in paris”. another great film i had missed. this one was unfortunately off screen but it was the best woody allen film since he stopped being in his films. i loved it. owen wilson is a natural woody embodiment without cheap imitation. sometimes, when i see a good film, i wish i could erase my memory and watch all my favorite films again. thursday was the closest i could get to that. we had some wine and finished the day early in bed and i slept like a log. it was a day i would recommend to just about any friend or foe. by uh