marianne moore

in 1955, eccentric and brilliant poet Marianne Moore found a letter in her Brooklyn mailbox from Robert Young of the Ford Motors Company.  Mr. Young was interested in having Marianne conjure up names for their newest automobile.  he wanted the name to establish, “some visceral feeling of elegance, fleetness, advanced features and design. a name, in short, that flashes a dramatically desirable picture in people’s minds.”  Moore instantaneously agreed, and from the end of October through December of that year she came up with a list of names she wanted to include. her final choice was, “utopian turtletop” which unfortunately did not make the cut.  Young decided on “the Edsel” instead, which completely flopped!  serves him right for not listening to a wordsmith. you can read the rest of marianne’s list here. my personal favorite is the thunderbender.  who wouldn’t want to drive a car that can alter the state of sonic shock waves? by sv