Mimi Beardsley: JFK’s affair with the then 19 year old white house intern

interning at roman polanski’s studio seems safer than interning at the white house!

it appears that bill clinton wasn’t the only one having fun on the job. it also appears that jfk had superior taste and judgement compared to mr. clinton. the then 19-year-old intern at the white house, mimi beardsley, apparently lost her virginity to the president in 1962, after she had been invited to swim at the white house pool, (where george bush choked on a pretzel). jfk’s affair went on to last 18 months and the relationship apparently continued even after mimi left washington, and she claims to have slept with kennedy just days before he was assassinated. all of this remained her secret until very recently. her book of memoirs “once upon a secret” is published by random house and will make for good reading if you like the vanity fair’s take on the tabloid stories. by dd