not everybody was kung fu fighting

the last place I would expect to find a place like this would be a tiny street in the heart of chinatown. why? because it’s mexican to begin with. since there is no sign saying pulqueria at the door, you have to ask the bouncers of apotheke next door: where the hell is pulqueria? and then they point to the vietnamese restaurant sign that you’ve passed by 10 times within the last 5 minutes. but its all worth it once you go downstairs to see an exciting list of cocktails and micheladas (beer with lime, canlentina spices, chili-salt rim!). oh and it gets better- the kitchen is open till 12, so if you got too excited with the drinks, you can have something delicious to eat. the name comes from the native beverage of central mexico, “pulque” a milk colored drink that’s made from fermented sap of the maguey plant. they offer you a shot of it when you sit at the bar.  pulqueria is on 11 doyers street near bowery. by ak