1939 Auto Union V16 Type C-D Bergrennwagen the racing car history of what is known as audi

the trademark double rear wheels

the V16… 8 pipes on each side one for every one of its 16 cylinders

this was such a beautiful design. i had a silver toy version of this as a child, and i remember staring at it in awe. i didn’t quite understand design then but i could tell this was not an ordinary car.

“auto union was a joint venture of 4 car manufacturers in germany during the great depression, which eventually came to be known as audi, as we know it today. the trademark symbol of auto union, the four overlapping rings, symbolized the four member companies represented the four marques of auto union: audi, DKW, horch and wanderer. although the company used the four ring logo, it was only used on it racing cars in that period, while the member companies used their own names and emblems. the company has evolved into present day audi as a subsidiary of VW.” more here. by uh