ask: jeremyville – artist

my favorite _____ is:

-villain: mediocrity. the barriers in our own mind.

-hero/superhero: mistakes. hard work. dedication. vision. timing. intuition. saying no

-book: andy warhol diaries

-smell: random chimney smoke from fireplaces in the west village nyc.
 soos bakery at the end of my street in rose bay sydney. when i was growing up as a teenager i used to draw late into the night, then walk down the street at 5am to take in the early morning bread and croissant aromas.

-fetish: same breakfast every day, smoothie made from 1 banana, almond milk, 1 date, soaked goji berries. flax seed powder. ice cubes.

-film: ‘eraserhead’ made the most impact on me growing up.

-band/musician/composer: dylan, neil young, john coltrane, tim buckley, nick drake, lennon, the velvet underground, the kinks, stone roses, oasis, nick cave, waits, jeff buckley, paul kelly, morrissey, joy division and the smiths have always been there through everything.

-artist: duchamp, the fluxus movement, dada, warhol, koons.

-city: jeremyville, sydney, new york, buenos aires, berlin, tokyo, milan/lake como

-restaurant/bar:  souen macrobiotic food on prince and 6th ave. cafe gitane at the jane hotel and falai on clinton st lower east side. the smile on bond st. birichina café and crabble hole bondi beach sydney

-hotel: soho house ny for quiet drawing time and poolside. gramercy park hotel for the art and the key to the park. hotel on rivington. hotel on bowery. faena and casa chic buenos aires.

-drink/cocktail: good red wine. filtered water.

-decade: late 70’s downtown nyc

-sport: the bondi to bronte headland run in sydney, and running along the hudson river. swimming.

-advice: be yourself. find a unique style and voice.

-food (type of food): vegan

-shop: vintage clothing stores. farmers’ markets.

-nightmare: i often dream of being swept up by a rising ocean at bondi beach, but i always manage to swim to safety.

-vice: facebook

-woman (of all time): my mum sandra, who knew who i was before i knew, and then let me become.

-man (of all time): warhol still holds the strongest intrigue and fascination.

-hobby: discovering veganism, (which is the opposite of how i used to eat). it’s a journey into true flavor and new found energy.

-prized possession: my past mistakes, a blank sketchbook and a handful of pens.

-way to go (die): working hard on the next project.