good girl!

we like sandra fluke. for a second, consider the absurdity. religious organizations are trying to ban offering birth control to those on their insurance plan, because their religion is against it. their religion is against birth control because no one but god can take a life; yet, they are for capital punishment, and hell–why not war! (hmmm? tight argument) in other words, they will force upon you their religious beliefs should you work there or in this case go to school there. rush limbaugh (some conservative political commentator and radio host) made an ignorant comment, inline with his apparent character, stating sandra fluke, who opposed this absurd law “is a slut… a prostitute” for simply wanting  birth control to be covered under her insurance she is surely paying for. he stated that if we are paying for a portion her birth control through our taxes “so she can have sex”(another thing banned by god and religion apparently), we should then get something in return. rush wanted her to at least post videos of her having sex online so taxpayers can watch it (now that is surely in line with his religion and american moral/conservative values). as if the rest of our tax dollars are really accounted for… like the billions spent on fake wars or funding wall street. now it even more absurd when all of this is from a man, rush limbaugh, who was detained in a florida airport last year after returning from a trip to the dominican republican with viagra that he did not have a prescription for. it all makes me want to puke… and puke on his very small penis and his even smaller ideology. off the air please! by ts