ASK: jihae- songwriter/singer

my favorite _____ is:

-villain: dr. evil

 -hero/ superhero: bruce lee

 -book: memories dreams and reflections by carl jung.

 -smell: rosewood neroli by vered

 -fetish: actual meaning of fetishism is the attribution of inherent value or powers to an object. I like to collect stones and shells from natural habitats.

 -film: I am cuba

 -band/musician/songwriter/composer: led zeppelin/nick cave/leonard cohen/ennio morricone

 -artist: nikki de saint phalle, marina abromovich, thomas hirshorn, banksy

 -city: barcelona for the incredible gaudi architecture.

 -restaurant/ bar: mercado on kent, best basque country food in williamsburg.

 -hotel: rosewood mayakoba, mexico

 -drink/ cocktail: corzo tequila on the rocks with a splash of soda and lime.

 -decade: 60’s-70’s when the music had soul, real talents flourished and artists were a collaborating community.

 -sport: martial arts, softball, ping pong

 -advice: avoid chemicals and radioactive rays

 -food (type of food): korean, italian, basque, thai

 -historical figure: pythia of the oracle of delphi. she was a priestess who counseled warriors and kings in 550BC.

 -position: that’s too personal

 -vice : workaholism

 -woman (of all time): aung san suu kyi

 -man (of all time): ghandi the non-violent rebel

 -hobby: flamenco dance, watching adam curtis documentaries; keeping tabs on new archeology findings and understanding seismology

 -prized possession: ’63 gibson acoustic guitar