Mad Men to the rescue: estee lauder and banana republic looking for some help

lame, lame, lame…

after banana republic’s ill attempt at mad men, here’s estee lauder jumping on the mad-wagon. unfortunately, neither one is doing it well. the banana republic ads look like a “canal street version” of the actual mad men, poorly produced and desperately cheap. estee’s carolyn murphy is of course the perfect choice for don’s wife, but it’s incredible how cheap and discarded the finished ad actually looks in the video… or maybe estee lauder has moved distribution to k-mart and i’m not aware of that? the behind the scenes video is of course “veeery interesting” i mean, i have never seen a model get made up before, nor had i ever seen close up shots of a bunch of products. its very surprising and entertaining indeed! thank you for that, but maybe next time spend 5 minutes, thinking about what’s in the video for us? cause i couldn’t find anything other than commenting on your me too stance.

in any case, all that said i’m glad there is still a TV show to emulate that doesn’t make you want to puke, if they ever get it right. i have to admit even i wasn’t immune to the mad men. after refusing to watch it for years i finally gave it another try a month ago. i had seen one episode 2 years ago after repeated suggestions by friends but got bored halfway through. i finally watched the entire four seasons this past month, not because it was amazing, but because i was desperately out of material to watch. i guess i got used to it and must admit found it to be quite beautiful when you consider its origin. i used to say if they put you in a room with a toad for long enough, eventually you’ll fall in love with it. and i guess after 12 hours i did. my favorite character, of course is not don draper but rather roger sterling for his dry sense of humor and silver hair, i cant wait to go grey… by dd