rumor has it… sunday matinees are back??

early this year village voice rumored about the new owners of the CBGB brand/estate (purchased from lisa kristal burgman, the daughter of late founder hilly kristal) are planning a 4/5 day music/conference/film festival for july in NYC and are currently looking for a location to open a reincarnation of CBs. today the rumors were furthered with articles on the matter by and at first glance this might seem like a ploy to profit on the name and merch that i’m sure will go along with the festival but going by the new investors words


“We’re never going to recreate that moment in time… We’re trying to continue the idea of supporting live music, making a lot of noise and being a part of New York City. The festival is one way we can do it. Eventually the club will be another way we can do it.”


of tim hayes, this might be a new venue that many of us have been waiting for. the festival promises to bring an array of live music from central park  summerstage to gramercy ballroom and across to the new knitting factory over in brooklyn with acts such as cro-mags,  guided by voices, the hold steady’s craig finn, new york dolls’ david johansen and a personal favorite sick of it all.

although i was not there during the hay days of the early shows by blondie, ramones, sonic youth or even during the hardcore sunday matinees in the 80’s and early 90’s, i was blessed to have CBs apart of my life spending the better half of my teenage years and beyond (until its closing in 2006) going to shows, hanging out and even play on the stage there.  a few stand out shows for me were the gorilla biscuits reunion or the last sunday matinee seeing sick of it all, agnostic front and madball on that ghetto stage together!

if you are actually still reading the longest post i think i’ve done to date, i’d love for anyone to share a memory they might have had at the good ol CBGB’s in the comments! by jr