of all places, not australia but ecuador?

let’s not confuse the facts here, ecuador is not exactly a place we’d consider ideal and surely they have their issues and internal agendas for considering taking on julian assange under asylum. but non-the-less i have come to appreciate ecuador’s stance not to mention their balls. the world, or better put the citizens of this world, should be ashamed of themselves when the peace prize is given to war mongers and terrorist and the one person who reveals the truth is being hunted down by our various governments. the very governments we consider to be the best of the best in terms of fairness, in terms of freedom of the press. you think the US is great? how about UK? what about sweden? well think again, an independent international body, “reporters without borders” press freedom index  rates sweden today to be ranked as the 12th, the united states justice system to be the 47th in the world, and the UK to be the 28th. that means there are 47 other countries that rate higher in press freedom than the US and 28 country’s above the UK.  its mind boggling? imagine that… were would water gate be with out assange and his like? shame indeed. watch the pathetic cnn anchor “do his job”… i wonder what amount of money warrants selling your soul? by xy