The sweet story of the Falkland Islands otherwise known as Islas Malvinas

how sweet of UK to put so much time and effort just to address the “wishes of a few islanders” on the other side of the world. they even send their prince there on a nuclear submarine just for good measures. those darn kind and loving brits.

a little background: as you may know, argentina claims the island as theirs, britain considers it as part of the british territory (a more acceptable word for empire) since 1833. note: it appears that the world didn’t exist pre 1833.

argentina’s president, cristina fernandez de kirchner asks the UN today, “how can it be claimed that this territory is part of britain? how can it be claimed that an island, 14,000 kilometers away, can be part of the british territory?”

david cameron passionately replied: “UK has no aggressive intentions, but do not under-estimate our resolve, threats will not work, attempts to intimidate the islanders will not succeed, because britain stands ready and willing to stand up for the falkland islanders at ANY TIME. as long as they wish to remain a british territory, that is the way it will stay.”

if i didn’t know better i would have thought david cameron’s mother was argentinian and from the falklands the way he talks about “the falklanders wishes.” can someone please ask the kind-hearted british government when was the last time they spent their money, their lives and their energy in addressing anyone else’s wishes but their own? makes you think why britain is so set on the wishes of a few islanders 14,000 kilometers away? mind you the total population on the falklands is only 3,000 people and 30% of them are british expats to begin with. now, just because a few islanders prefer to be under british rule rather than argentina’s economic depression doesn’t make it so. i assure you that many islanders around the world would prefer to be under US territory rather than their own bankrupt government but since when did that become ok? good luck at the UN and fix that bankrupt country, we’d love to visit… by xy