DJ compilations: easy listening… well sort of!

musician/dj quinn luke aka bing-ji-ling

ucef hanjani of the collective selectors ceft colaition

jamaican record producer clive chin

amsterdams dj jaziah

our friends at “here we go now” have compiled a series of music compilations from various DJs in NY and beyond, including the legendary jamaican record producer clive chin of new yorks miss lilly’s. if you happen to have the patience to wait for the damn stream to load (pending your connection: mine took 2 minutes and 19″ seconds to be exact) this eclectic mix of reggae funk and electronica by the ceft coalition spanning over an hour of music is worth a listen (click here to load stream). my other fav is of course anything from clive as well as the mix by princess christiens socceaneanana. happy listening. photos courtesy of gerald forster. by pr

quote of the day

“nothing is more evident than that nature hates mind.  thinking is the most unhealthy thing in the world, and people die of it just as they die of any other disease.”

-oscar wilde, ‘the decay of lying’

glow sticks that never die

fluorescent tubing seems to be a go-to for gazillions of trying artists that might rely on the industrial and the mundane to create a modern spirituality. it takes a great artist to succeed. here we see a beautiful piece by dan flavin, 1987.  by kl