“he wrote poetry until he went nuts!”

i was shown this beautiful roy andersson film by a friend quite a few years ago, but the imagery—the sheer and unidentifiable essence of it, has been stuck inside my conscious ever since.  captivating is an understatement for andersson’s epic tale, and i have chills just thinking about some of the scenes and the perfect usage of vallejo’s poetical themes.  the title of this very post is from my favorite storyline.  you may hate the film, as i have shown it to many who felt just that way, but it is undoubtedly memorable and unique.  what’s left but that nowadays?  just being different.  whatever happened to the quintessence of individuality?  the film is the first in an unfinished trilogy of magic.  i am certainly going home to watch this tonight, and you should make it your business to do the same. thank you, mr. andersson. by sv