ghouls, goblins and ghosts

i don’t care much for, or adhere to tradition in any form…but today is halloween after all, so here is a tiny informative guide to decipher the attributes and differences between ghosts, goblins and ghouls.

GHOSTS, in case you didn’t already know, are considered to be the souls of the dead, often appearing in a seemingly imperceptible fashion.  you know, those white sheets and all.  any red blood cell lacking hemoglobin is also referred to as a ghost, further enforcing the idea of pigmentation lacking.

GOBLINS are typically nightmarish who at times have the ability to adopt human forms and assault or “trick” people into thinking they are otherwise.  the word goblin is derived from the german word kobold, which is a mischievous and naughty household spirit.   the spirit can either be helpful and amuse children, or hide food around the house and throw temper tantrums when he is not attended to.  sounds like every pet/significant other i’ve ever had.  hmm.

lastly, GHOULS are the most dastardly of them all.  the world ghoul stems from the arabic ghul which comes from ghala meaning, “he seized”.  ghouls have been known to eat both stolen corpses and children.  YUM!  by sv

danse macabre

the bewitchingly charming dance sequence from jean renoir’s the rules of the game.  hard to believe that he thought this film was a failure, i suppose that is the curse of those with infamous fathers?  anyway, enjoy this as much as i do.  by sv

quote of the day

“water, water, everywhere
and all the boards did shrink
water, water everywhere
nor any drop to drink.”

-samuel taylor coleridge, the rime of the ancient mariner

Hurricane Sandy: what a lame name?

the famous great wave off kanagawa

chief pontiac or ottawa

now watch i’ll get hammered for calling her lame, but what kind of lame name is sandy for a massive hurricane? i just cant take anyone with the name sandy that seriously. at least give it a 6 digit number like the japanese do with their typhoons (they get too many to give then names) or tap into the american indian vernacular to spark some imagination… like red cloud, little wolf, crazy horse, sitting bull, dull knife, he dog, or rain-in-the-face… and all those elaborate combinations are just all peoples names. and then we have sandy. i mean come on with your come on? by xy

Absurdity of art: author William Faulkner’s estate filed a lawsuit against Woody Allen for his use of a quote from a Faulkner novel

and yes film, when it’s film and not entertainment, is the ultimate art…

“faulkner’s likeness does not appear in the movie, but his words are quoted by owen wilson’s character. in a slight paraphrase of a line from faulkner’s novel ‘requiem for a nun,’ wilson’s character says, “the past is not dead! actually, it’s not even past.” the original quote reads, “the past is never dead. it’s not even past.”

unbelievable! petty! and of absolute bad taste… if anything woody allen has brought faulkner to a younger audience who would have mistaken him for owen wilson’s father-in-law. based on this absurd premise, jean luc godard should have been spending his life in court fending lawsuits instead of cooking culture. faulkner must have not left much money to his petty estate, who seem so desperate to make a buck. shame on them. see the film if you haven’t. its allen’s best film since manhattan. by uh

Wolf Magik: it never was by alexis blaire

a surprising new track from our friends “alexis blaire”. i heard the track “it never was” once and i downloaded the track from itunes. the album is a bit raw, and that’s great when it works, and it does at least on this track for me, but i’m a bit of a music snob if that says anything. if not, then i also prefer indians to cowboys, so there. by xy

Martynka Wawrzyniak opening night at envoy for “smell me”

blood sweat and tears? well not quite, lets skip the blood.

it will all end in tears…. or in an armpit. polish artist martynka wawrzyniak demonstrates…

martynka wawrzyniak with sam and dawn goldworm

ucef hanjani and martynka wawrzyniak

photographer richard kern

“smell me” by martynka wawrzyniak was the perfect visceral self-portrait. one so intimate and original that either no one ever dared to do it, or one so intimate no one would have come to see it. that’s just 2 of the many good reasons why i went to see it.

“working with a research team of hunter college chemistry students under the guidance of professor donna mcgregor the artist underwent multiple experiments to collect aromatic elements from her body. she was subject to rigorous sessions to extract the concentrated essence of her sweat, tears, and hair to create an olfactory-based self-portrait that will engage visitors in a visceral form of communication without visuality as primary form.” – original post

the show will be up 10-20-2012 to 11-18-20012, at the new envoy gallery on 87 rivington street. with thanx to 12.29. by dd