Absurdity of art: author William Faulkner’s estate filed a lawsuit against Woody Allen for his use of a quote from a Faulkner novel

and yes film, when it’s film and not entertainment, is the ultimate art…

“faulkner’s likeness does not appear in the movie, but his words are quoted by owen wilson’s character. in a slight paraphrase of a line from faulkner’s novel ‘requiem for a nun,’ wilson’s character says, “the past is not dead! actually, it’s not even past.” the original quote reads, “the past is never dead. it’s not even past.”

unbelievable! petty! and of absolute bad taste… if anything woody allen has brought faulkner to a younger audience who would have mistaken him for owen wilson’s father-in-law. based on this absurd premise, jean luc godard should have been spending his life in court fending lawsuits instead of cooking culture. faulkner must have not left much money to his petty estate, who seem so desperate to make a buck. shame on them. see the film if you haven’t. its allen’s best film since manhattan. by uh