Leos Carax latest film Holy Motors staring Denis Lavant

 denis lavant in one of his many reincarnations

eva mendes as the graveyard model who gets kidnapped

leos carax’s ode or jab at the cgi and motion capture film industry

trailer for leos carax’s latest film holy motors

saw this film tonight, and what a wild ride that was. highly recommended. if you are a leos carax fan you will probably see this, as it’s his first film in 13 years. i will not tell you much about it as i highly suggest you go in without knowing anything. i knew just the basic premise, and i can tell you that stopped the film from being as great as it could be. think mullholand drive, breathless, pixar’s cars, american musicals, horror films, and then some… go in, sit back, and let it take you for a crazy ride. it surely is not your usual blockbuster. it’s witty, strange, and fantastic. by dd