Martynka Wawrzyniak opening night at envoy for “smell me”

blood sweat and tears? well not quite, lets skip the blood.

it will all end in tears…. or in an armpit. polish artist martynka wawrzyniak demonstrates…

martynka wawrzyniak with sam and dawn goldworm

ucef hanjani and martynka wawrzyniak

photographer richard kern

“smell me” by martynka wawrzyniak was the perfect visceral self-portrait. one so intimate and original that either no one ever dared to do it, or one so intimate no one would have come to see it. that’s just 2 of the many good reasons why i went to see it.

“working with a research team of hunter college chemistry students under the guidance of professor donna mcgregor the artist underwent multiple experiments to collect aromatic elements from her body. she was subject to rigorous sessions to extract the concentrated essence of her sweat, tears, and hair to create an olfactory-based self-portrait that will engage visitors in a visceral form of communication without visuality as primary form.” – original post

the show will be up 10-20-2012 to 11-18-20012, at the new envoy gallery on 87 rivington street. with thanx to 12.29. by dd