so you think a gallon of gas is too expensive?

how would you feel to learn that a barrel of crude oil, a liquid that is scarce and valuable in so many industries from plastic to fabrics etc, is less expensive than its equivalent in coca cola, which is basically water high fructose corn sugar and carbon dioxide? i don’t know, but some how i feel if we were selling oil and the arabs were selling coke the balance would have been a little bit tilted? and then we wonder why they are so pissed off while we bitch about the prices at the pump. here are a few price metrics to put it into perspective:

1) a barrel of brent oil ($117).
2) a barrel of coca cola ($126)
3) a barrel of budweiser beer ($447)
4) a barrel of starbucks juice ($954)
5) a barrel of chanel perfume ($1,666,560) thanks Karl
by pr